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PWS is a complex genetic disorder that manifests with intellectual 和 development delays, 和 a variety of symptoms including an insatiable appetite, the health implications of which can be serious. Inattention to the unique environments required by those with PWS could be life-threatening 和 special education may also be necessary. Our interdepartmental approach to care helps individuals with PWS thrive because of our educational, 住宅, 职业, clinical 和 wellness programs. 博天堂官方 prides itself in addressing these challenges within a safe 和 healthy environment.

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This syndrome involving abnormalities of chromosome 15 occurs approximately 1 in 18,000 births 和 is found in all races 和 ethnic groups. In some cases, PWS can also be acquired by head trauma. Among the more serious symptoms are mild to moderate developmental disabilities, emotional 和 behavioral problems, obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as skin picking, 身体新陈代谢缓慢, which can lead to obesity 和 related health problems

“Our daughter has had an incredible opportunity to become part of such an inclusive community where PWS is just a part of life. We learn to celebrate all of the wonderful things she is capable of, while recognizing 和 addressing her needs as well.——博天堂官方入口·帕伦特

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Expertise in Treatment 和 Care

博天堂官方, in conjunction with leaders in the field, works collaboratively with families 和 professionals to determine the best approach for PWS care. The team at 博天堂官方 is able to eng年龄 multiple highly trained 和 specialized doctors on all aspects of the syndrome—including program initiatives, 项目评审, 和 clinical 和 medical consultations—for the children 和 adults we serve.

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创新 & 卓越

了解PWS护理, read our Tips of the Week posted by Patrice Carroll, 博天堂官方’ PWS Specialist. As part of our innovative 和 comprehensive approach to PWS treatment, 博天堂官方入口也提供驴治疗, 宠物终身护理, 博天堂官方入口工作, 和 other programs that help our residents enjoy life to the fullest 和 grow through experiences 和 interactions. For more information, we recommend these sites:

For Prader-Willi special education, the 博天堂官方 staff develops the right approach for each person. 关注博天堂官方入口的博客, or give us a call to learn more.

Please see this informational piece by Latham’s Patrice Carroll.

"And they said my child would never..." video made by 博天堂官方.

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LivingHealthy with PWS Cookbook Series


Written for the community of parents 和 caregivers of those with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), this cookbook is a complete resource for planning nutritious, delicious meals for individuals with PWS, 和 it includes tips 和 advice from experts in the field. 

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At Latham School, children from 8 years to young adults of 22 years are under the care of a special needs teacher 和 aide. In small home room classes of eight or fewer students. 阅读更多….



While some Latham children return home to family or enroll in programs closer to home, others may transition to our Adult 项目 or remain on Cape Cod to live independently 阅读更多….



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